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What’s in the Works

CLAM, its partner, Eden Housing, and the local community are infusing new life into the former Coast Guard Housing site in Point Reyes Station. Our goal is to renew this neighborhood to provide real housing stability for residents and to create spaces that will serve people living there as well as the broader community. We will integrate systems into the buildings, landscape, and community networks to ensure this neighborhood is highly sustainable, in alignment with its natural environment, and a climate-resilient resource for the community.

Our goals:

  • Rehabilitate the existing 36 residential townhomes and other buildings on the site to serve approximately 50 households at a range of moderate and lower incomes.
  • Provide spaces and resources that serve the needs of the neighborhood residents and the entire community.
  • Integrate environmentally sustainable materials and practices into the design plan to foster long-term sustainability of the property.
  • Protect the beautiful natural environment within and surrounding this property.

What's There Now

The property has been unoccupied by the Coast Guard for several years. More recently it has been used by North Bay Fire departments for training and wildfire emergency staging.

What's Happening Next

CLAM and Eden hosted a series of summer meetings in 2021 to gather community input about the design of the site and its integration with the town and community networks.

Our design team is hard at work refining a master plan to submit for permitting.

Please check the Timeline for a summary of the permit, finance, and renovation schedule. We invite you to Subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Feedback section.

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