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Update #6

Thank You & Next Steps!

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in last Saturday’s final design gathering! And special thanks to the ongoing participation of so many volunteers throughout the three-meeting series!

All of us at CLAM are deeply grateful for how this community showed up for this process, with interest, enthusiasm, commitment. One attendee reflected that, in a time when the future feels uncertain, it is truly healing to be together once again and to be invited to imagine and help shape the future of our community. Now, we’re one step closer to this neighborhood becoming a reality!

Here are some common themes we have heard so far:

·       Community

·       Inclusion

·       Access to nature

·       Community garden

·       Multi-purpose room

·       Childcare

·       Safety

·       Paths & trails

·       Resilience

·       Accessibility

·       Less car-centric

·       Senior services

·       Community kitchen

·       Renewable energy

·       Art & murals

Our big takeaways from the gatherings?

·       This neighborhood is an entreyway to talk about larger community issues like sustainability, resilience, resource-sharing, and inclusion.

·       Our community is incredibly knowledgeable, committed, and excited about this new neighborhood.

·       People encouraged flexibility. When presented with two options, they asked, “Why not both?” or “Why not a combination of the two?”

What comes next?

·       The architects are reviewing community input, which will feed directly into a proposal that CLAM and Eden Housing will submit to the County in September. The project proposal must go through a permitting process that is expected to last 12-16 months.

·       CLAM is coming up with a process to name the neighborhood with community input. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, go to the Feedback Section to give your suggestions.

·       We’ll keep you updated on this site and in the CLAM newsletters. Feel free to reach out to CLAM at 415-663-1005 with specific questions.

Want to see event materials? Go to the Info tab and scroll down to Information & Plans - to see site diagrams and packet from the final design gathering.