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Update #7

Fall 2021 Update - architecture, accessibility planning and engineering!

The Neighborhood Design series this summer gave our team great input that affirmed our project’s values and provided input into community needs. Check out this one-page summary of what we heard.

Here are just a few things that our team has been up to this fall.

·      Accessibility planning. The original 36 townhomes are not accessible by a person in a wheelchair. Our team is redesigning some of the two-, and three-bedroom townhomes into accessible one-level flats. ADA accessible homes will be on the ground floor and homes on the second floor will be accessed by new exterior stairs. Parking and pathways are also being redesigned to improve accessibility.

·      Apartment building design. The old dormitory has been conceptually redesigned as 15 one-bedroom apartments for seniors. Apartments will also be accessible.

·      Refining the community asset concept. We’ve received your feedback about priorities for community spaces within the project. Many of the priorities can be implemented! CLAM is developing a concept that complies with the zoning standards in the updated Local Coastal Plan. These include spaces for nature enjoyment, teaching and learning. Stay tuned – more information coming soon!

What’s coming up this winter and spring?  We will continue to work on site planning, including septic system design. Our schedule shows we will start environmental review in the Spring of 2022. These are some of the tasks we will be working on before that: 

·      Renewable energy. Our team has grown to include Sage Energy Consulting, led by Inverness resident Brent Johnson. Sage’s role is to evaluate and recommend potential solar PV, battery energy storage systems, and microgrid controls, as well as evaluate costs and financing strategies.

·      Building science. Our team is getting down to details with energy modeling, structural improvement specifications, electrical engineering, and water management planning. 

·      Sewer lines. The condition of the existing sewer lines needs to be evaluated. To do that, the lines and connections will be inspected via video.

Repurposing this site will take some time. After the project is reviewed and approved by Marin County, we will seek low income housing tax credits and other funding in 2023. Of course CLAM will continue to fundraise throughout! We intend construction to start in 2024 and residents can move in in 2025. We thank you for your patience, input and support along the way.