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Update #9

Coast Guard project is in Planning review!

We are excited to announce that the Coast Guard rehabilitation plan was submitted in July to Marin County for planning permits and environmental review. The review process is going to take about a year. We are actively working with County staff to move the review process as fast as possible. This housing is a priority for Marin County, CLAM and our partner Eden. The project details can be viewed now on Marin County's Planning website.

Below is a summary of the project as submitted for planning review. There's even more general project information on the FAQ section.

Land - This adaptive reuse project covers 33 acres of land. CLAM has often stated an intent to own the Coast Guard property and steward that asset into the future. We are working through land ownership scenarios with Supervisor Rodoni and County staff that best serve the land, community and project.

Our project proposal is primarily focused on the existing housing, amenities, and paved areas.

·       Housing Partnership - 7.8 acres (includes housing, management offices, parking and roadway, and wastewater)

·       Community parcel/Education center - 1.34 acres (existing buildings, patios, and parking)

·       Open natural land - 22+ acres

Housing - 51 total units: 36 townhomes. 15 apartments. (Includes one manager unit)

·       1-bedroom apartments = 15 (All ADA adaptable)

·       2-bedroom townhomes = 5 (1 ADA)

·       3-bedroom townhomes = 24 (2 ADA)

·       4-bedroom townhomes = 7

All homes will be affordable to low-income people. Residents should pay rents that are approximately 30% of their household income. There will be a range of rent levels for each house size. An example of rent ranges from 2022 is below. Some units will be reserved for special populations like ag workers, seniors, ADA, section 8 voucher holders.

Sample rent ranges from 2022 (this is an example and not the proposed rent ranges for this project):

·       1 person households will rent for ~$900 – $1,800

·       2 person households will rent for ~$1,000 - $2,200

·       3 person households will rent for ~$1,200 - $2,500

·       4+ person households will rent for ~$1,500 - $3,000

Amenities - On-site resident amenities include a community gathering room, a library/computer room, and property management and resident services offices. Outdoor spaces will be upgraded with a new playground, a sports court, and a gardening plot/orchard. Some pathways between buildings and the resident services will also be improved for ADA access. 

Community benefit – Community access and connection between the property and town has been a guiding principle of the project. As part of our strategy to reduce planning review time, we have proposed an education center to adaptively reuse the former galley and garage buildings. This concept could accommodate much of the feedback we received about broader community connection. The education center includes flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that could be programmed by CLAM or other non-profit partners for the wider community. As we move through planning, we will continue to assess potential partners for such activities, and also consider alternatives for future additional housing.

Energy Efficiency – The project is working toward zero net energy. All units will have rooftop solar and all electric systems. The property will have EV car charging stations. Existing gas and propane tanks will be removed.

Wastewater – A new wastewater system will be installed. The Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) system will accommodate up to 10,000 gallons of waste per day, serving all of the housing as well as additional community-use activities. The state-of-the-art system will produce recycled water that will be used for landscape irrigation. It will also have a back-up leach field for use when irrigation is not needed.

Project funding – Early funding for this project came from generous donors, giving us the confidence that we can successfully identify other sources of funds. We have already secured roughly $2 million! Eden Housing will lead the housing financing effort to secure low income housing tax credits, bonds, and other housing related funds. These primary sources of funding will be sought after the project has received Planning approval. We are also seeking additional grant sources, particularly related to water, wastewater, energy retrofits and electrification, and are likely to launch a capital campaign down the road to cover other costs. 

Project Name - Many great ideas were submitted. We're mulling over the options and will follow up in the coming months.

Thank you for your support to make this critical housing available. Please continue to share your feedback and questions in the Feedback section.