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How else would you describe the community benefits you’d like to see included in the Quartz District?

There is zero benefit to this other than adding additional traffic on an already over-populated route. Unless you can solve the existing traffic issues first, then please don't bother attempting this project.

This would be an awesome project. It reminds me of One Loudoun in Loudoun County and the people love it. I’m all for it, get it done now!

Ben, we agree with your concerns regarding the existing traffic congestion. Please see our most recent update for more information.

This project seems amazing and very beneficial. We leave the county now to attend areas like this.

I would like to create a holistic school funded by local businesses for folks looking for better school options that are affordable


Quartz District

location Woodbridge, VA
A new mixed-use destination in Prince William County. Welcome to the public forum for the proposed Quartz District development.