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We want the Quartz District to be a good neighbor for decades to come. Any other questions or suggestions about the project?

Please bring Whole Foods or Traders Joes

There is a wegmans down the street. Whole food or Trader Joe’s would be great. I prefer whole food more though :-)

We have been trying to get a Trader Joe’s for years. There is even a fb page and so many of us have tried. A trader joe’s Or Whole Foods would be great. We have a MOM’s but we want more healthier grocers.

Fully support the Great American Restaurant idea. That's probably our favorite group of restaurants and would be great if we didn't have to travel up to Fairfax to eat at one.

There will most likely be a Whole Foods in Potomac Shores. I have several friends who live in that neighborhood and they have voted for Whole Foods.

There is a Whole Foods going in on Minnieville. We have Harris Teeter on Hoadly and a Wegmans at Stonebridge. Trader Joes would be nice. Please no more 7-11s, auto parts, or drugstores!