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Update #6

Updated Concept Plan - Anchor Tenant Announcement Coming Soon!

Please see the link to the updated Quartz District Concept Plan.

As discussed in the last update, the plan has evolved due to the previously described transportation changes. We feel the changes have led to a much better overall plan for the project.

The advantages of these changes are:

  • The main access point onto Prince William Parkway has moved further north which now allows residential units to be better integrated within the retail amenity area of the project.
  • This residential/retail integration has created a true mixed-use urban environment which allows the kind of destination placemaking that is missing from this area.
  • The residential located within the urban core will provide a different living experience from the balance of the project.
  • This type of pedestrian friendly, urban environment will help attract the high quality retailers that otherwise would not locate here. This was a major factor in landing the anchor tenant for the project.
  • The project will now be dedicating a larger public use site to Prince William County that has been moved to the interior of the project. The site is identified as a combination school/park site, however, the County will determine its final disposition. It should be noted that the layout shown on the plan is conceptual only and was not prepared by the County.

While the transportation and planning changes have delayed the project they have ultimately led to a better overall plan and facilitated a signed lease with our anchor tenant. As we mentioned in our last update, there are still critical transportation issues related to project access that must be approved in order to meet the lease requirements of the anchor tenant and allow Quartz District to reach its full potential.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the anchor tenant very soon!