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Update #11

Quartz District Receives Unanimous Approval From Board of Supervisors!

We are excited to announce that Quartz District received unanimous approval from the Board of Supervisors at the public hearing last week! We are grateful to those that came out to speak in support of Quartz District as it was clear how much this project means to the surrounding community. We would also like to thank all of the County staff that helped us get to this point and to the Board of Supervisors who gave their support to Quartz District.

While this is a major milestone for the project, we have a long road ahead to make the project a reality. We have already started engineering the first phases of the project including the major traffic infrastructure improvements we have committed to do to improve the existing congestion and bring Quartz District to life.

For those that would like to watch the Board of Supervisors hearing, the link to the video can be found below.

Board of Supervisors October 18th Meeting

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