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Describe your experiences and challenges with the Railroad Avenue intersection at the MBTA overpass (Ornsteen Intersection); please offer suggestions on how to address these challenges.

Perhaps widen if possible. There is so much going on In a small space. Another chance for some unique sculpture in the center of all streets. I don't think a rotary would work, but maybe. Too many opinions... Read more...

Hi Susan! If you click on the "traffic mitigation" tab, you'll see what our current plan is for the intersection. It includes widening the roadway, installing traffic signals, crosswalks, and bike lanes.

If the rail trail branched off and went under both bridges to the train/park directly you can channel most foot, bike and dog traffic away from this dicey intersection.

Hi Tomba, in our traffic mitigation plan, there will be a crosswalk at the foot of the bridge (controlled by signaling) to assist in getting foot & bike traffic across and connect to the rail trail. Our... Read more...