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What's in the Works?

The City of Reading, along with the Reading Parking Authority, have initiated a process for creating a comprehensive parking plan designed to spur and support the growth, quality of life, vitality and commerce in the City. The “Comprehensive Parking Plan” needs to effectively address the current needs and future challenges relating to the supply, access to, and the control of on- and off-street parking. The study will take place in downtown, as well as in the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods to the northwest, northeast and the south of downtown.

Anyone who owns a vehicle knows the importance of an adequate supply of available and accessible parking at whatever destination is chosen. Literally, every vehicular trip begins and ends at a parking space and the convenience, pricing, rules and management of the parking spaces at the point of arrival can either be a complimentary, or a confounding experience.

The City of Reading recognizes that the parking system is an essential element of infrastructure that must evolve with the changing times and circumstances in the urban environment. Therefore, the Comprehensive Parking Plan initiative is being undertaken as a companion study to the City's Master Plan update.

This parking plan process is comprised of the following four basic tasks:

  1. Assessment of the Existing and Future Parking Supply and Demand
  2. Education and Involvement of the General Public
  3. Evaluation of Current Parking Policies and Administration
  4. Formulation...