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Update #3

Join us online! Tomorrow 8-3-2021 @ 6:00PM

We’ll be hosting a meeting tomorrow on 8-3-2021 @ 6:00PM to discuss the Comprehensive Parking Plan. We’ll be going over the North-West Neighborhood and starting to gather resident feedback. Due to the current situation and limits on in-person gatherings, the meeting will take place online using ZOOM. You can join us virtually by following the link: Make sure you register prior to 6PM so you do not miss the start of the meeting!! 

If you’re not able to attend the meeting, make sure to add your ideas and comments on our site Please share the meeting information and website with you family and friends so we can get as much information from you the residents as possible! We’ll also be posting a meeting recap and recording so you don’t miss out on any new details. Thank you!