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Update #29

Visit farms in the County - see how your food is grown - meet farmers!

Slow Food Huron Valley is offering local farm tours

We cannot wait to see, hear, feel, and smell all that our local community of farmers and ranchers have to share with us.

Joining a tour date is simple— just choose the date you want below and add it to your cart. Then show up at the farm on the specified day and time.

We will use the ticket price to honor our farmers’ time. Scholarships are available! If the ticket price is prohibitive for you, please email and let us know which tours you would like to join for free.

Our tour series will include 15 tours of local farms this summer. Check back in over the next few weeks to see all the confirmed farm tours available to purchase tickets! Some of these farms have very limited parking, so please do go ahead and use this website to purchase a ticket in advance. Then we can ensure we do not oversell the tours and run out of parking.