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What are your aspirations for the Riverside site?

My aspirations for the riverside site is that it's size and density is scaled to what matches the surrounding residential areas.

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Given the highway, transit and potential commuter rail access, it would be unfortunate to limit the scale to the surrounding low-scale residential density. Newton has few places for substantial commercial... Read more...

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Some people who are commenting may not live in Newton. and probably work fin real estate or for the developer. The project was approved in 2013 but the developer wanted the state to pay for the garage... Read more...

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Ms. Finn - do you mean me? I suggest we all focus on the substance, rather than try to discredit others. I hardly think a mixed-use development at Riverside turns Newton into Cambridge or Boston. Our... Read more...

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Some of those towns do have large scale developments but they do not abut residential neighborhoods. And the commercial space in those towns have significant vacancies.

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Infrastructure first! Embellishments later!

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Yes, Waltham, Wellesley, Needham & Weston do all have large commercial developments along the highway. In all cases, the residential sections of the town ends where the commercial section begins, and there... Read more...

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Hi folks who cares if other towns have developments, we are talking about Newton. As a resident of the Lower Falls village, I care what happens to it. <br><br>Comparing Newton to other towns along rte95/128... Read more...

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