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What questions do you have about this project?

Will this visioning process include any analysis of impacts on traffic and transportation based on what the proposed vision is?

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Thank you for your question. While traffic analysis is not within the scope of this Visioning Process, it is important that these types of questions are asked so that we can ensure they are addressed during... Read more...

Why are we waiting for a project to be proposed to figure out how much traffic the area can handle and the capacity of other transportation infrastructure. Knowing what amount of traffic the area can... Read more...

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Why are we waiting for the proposal to go through the City Council process before the results of this visioning process will be incorporated into their plan for this site . Too far down that road.

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We have to realize that any analysis of traffic impact will be at best an estimate, and that traffic engineering is often ineffective. Look at the failed effort to improve traffic flow through Auburndale... Read more...