community review
Phase Community Review

What's in the Works

The Rossville Blvd Action and Planning group started work in January 2018 with a community survey to gather feedback about people's experiences driving, living, and working in the Rossville Blvd Community. Equipped with initial community input, we began Phase 1 of our project to reimagine the Rossville Blvd corridor and adjoining neighborhoods.

What's There Now

The current community plan conducted by the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Association was completed in 2004. More than 10 years later, our community is still experiencing many of the same challenges. We believe a grassroots movement of local businesses and residents can provide a vision for the future of our community. In this stage, we are continuing to gather input from business and residents and are working with a consultant who specializes in community planning and design to help translate all of this information into an actionable plan.

What's Happening Next

Over the next three months we will be collecting community feedback. At the end of this period we will synthesize the information provided to establish three goals that will guide the next phase of our work. We know that decades of neglect cannot be improved overnight and so we aim to make consistent, measurable, and visible changes.

Information & Plans