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Update #5

View the Roux Campus Roundtable Presentation and Q&A

Thanks to all who joined the first Roux Campus Roundtable on December 14, 2021. We will continue to schedule these sessions to listen to neighbors and answer questions as the project progresses. You can watch a recording of the Zoom meeting at this link.

At the December 14 Roundtable, we heard a lot of valuable feedback and good questions. Neighbors and others asked about the scale of the project and how it would impact nearby residents, particularly with regard to traffic and building height. A number of participants noted that cities are characterized by tall buildings and expressed support for building “up” instead of “out” to create new green space on the site. The meeting gave us a chance to clarify that we are still early in the design phase and will continue to solicit input as plans progress. To that point, we heard preference for a mix of building heights and for creation of new pedestrian and bicycle trails to access the site and connect to existing and potential new trails in Portland and north toward Falmouth. One speaker noted that change is good, but it’s hard. Another asked how the campus was being designed for resilience to climate change. There was also a question about the types of new jobs at the Roux Campus. Two participants stated that the alternative to the Roux Institute on the B&M site would have probably been luxury condos. There was a question about the mix of uses on the site – education, startup business, retail, etc. – and whether they would be tax exempt. While the Roux Institute at Northeastern University will be tax-exempt, taxes paid on other buildings are likely to exceed current payments on the B&M plant. We welcome more questions and feedback on this website and at future meetings, and we are happy to schedule one-on-one or small group meetings. If you would like to meet with project representatives, please send an email to and remember to sign up for updates to stay informed.