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Update #7

View the Feb 1st Roux Campus Roundtable Presentation and Q&A

Thanks to all who joined the second Roux Campus Roundtable on February 1, 2022. We will continue to schedule these sessions to listen to neighbors and answer questions as the project progresses. You can watch a recording of the Zoom meeting at this link.

At the second Roundtable (following the first Neighborhood Meeting), we had a lot of thoughtful questions about traffic, parking, trails, building heights, the pier, submerged lands, shadow studies, zoning, permitting, plans for the Roux Institute and auxiliary needs, and public notifications. Highlights of the responses are listed below:

  • We are in the early stages of working though the analysis of projected traffic and possible improvements with the city and will have more detailed information to share in the near future.
  • We are proposing a range of building heights in the long-term zoning proposal, up to 210’ nearest I-295, so we can accommodate sufficient housing on site (which reduces traffic impacts) and all of the other uses that are integral to the Roux Institute’s mission.
  • The existing pier has suffered the kind of deterioration that caused the collapse of the Surfside Condominiums in Miami. A structural engineer did a detailed report showing it was totally unsafe. Our goal is to rebuild the pier with provisions for boat access.
  • The initial shadow studies are being updated to reflect proposed design parameters and will be shared with the public when completed.
  • We will soon be submitting an Institutional Development Plan (IDP) and Regulatory Framework for an Institutional Overlay Zone (IOZ). The content of the application was shared in the presentation. It is a zoning plan to guide development over time, and keep it contained on site, consistent with the City’s goals. The details of the buildings and site design are still conceptual and will be proposed in the next phase.
  • The non-profit Initiative for Digital Engineering and Life Sciences (IDEALS) is creating a campus for the Roux Institute at Northeastern University that is focused on graduate education, partnership collaboration, entrepreneurial endeavors and the infrastructure that will support world-class research and innovation. To attract the level of global talent and investment necessary to succeed, the Roux Campus must be designed at scale. 
  • The next Roux Campus Roundtable will be sometime in March. All residents of East Deering will receive notice by mail and the public is also welcome to attend. Notice will be posted on this website.

Please continue to share your feedback and questions in the Feedback section.