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Update #8

Roux Campus Zoning Application Now Available Online

On February 28, the non-profit Initiative for Digital Engineering and Life Sciences (IDEALS) submitted its Institutional Development Plan (IDP) and Regulatory Framework (the zoning application) for the Roux Campus to the City of Portland (Linked Here). These documents describe the intended uses on the site and the commitments to public access, sustainability, resiliency, and design integrity. This is the zoning phase, where height and density footprints are established. Although it is in the Site Plan stage later, where the building design and campus plan come together, IDEALS is clear about the following intentions:

  • To create an exciting and accessible mixed-use campus that galvanizes Portland and contributes to the East Deering neighborhood without encroaching on it or unduly burdening City resources.
  • To design a walkable, bikeable, welcoming environment that takes full advantage of the shoreline and makes the waterfront campus an accessible public open space.
  • To build a campus that is a national model of sustainability, resiliency and beauty.
  • To strengthen the Roux Institute’s ability to attract, educate, and offer financial support to students from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds.
  • To work with the City of Portland, using Traffic Design Management (TDM), a commitment to multi-modal transportation and recommendations for roadway improvements to minimize and mitigate potential traffic impacts.
  • To add new bike and pedestrian access under the north side of Tukey’s Bridge, connecting to existing city trails and potential new ones.
  • To be proactive, transparent and responsive in communication with City leaders, neighbors and interested stakeholders.

We recognize the value of informed public input, which is why we have already held three public Zoom meetings, dozens of individual meetings and have an active website for public comment.

IDEALS has incorporated public input to date and looks forward to feedback from the City and the public to help the Roux Campus become a launchpad for entrepreneurial breakthroughs and a magnetic new presence in Portland.

Please submit your comments or questions through this website and stay tuned for the next Roux Campus Roundtable. Notice of the meeting will be posted on this website. You can Subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Feedback section.