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Welcome to the SCS Preferred Vision

The City of Dublin led a visioning process for the SCS Property in Eastern Dublin. The City, working with a consultant team, engaged in a ten month community outreach effort with the public, a Community Advisory Committee, City leadership, and the Landowner, to develop an actionable financially feasible plan. The plan balances desired amenities identified by the public with the private development investments required to support them. The team developed three initial concepts representing base, medium, and high densities and the resulting amenities that could be funded. The public feedback regarding the three plans informed the final Preferred Plan. We are grateful to all of those who participated, and encourage you to explore the process and the preferred plan on this website.

Latest News and Next Steps:

SCS Preferred Plan Approved by City Council

On Tuesday, February 15, 2022, the City Council approved the Preferred Plan for the SCS Property. The next step is for the property owner and/or developer is to prepare a development application to implement the Preferred Plan. Evaluation of the development project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) would occur prior to project approval. Once submitted, information on the development project can be found on the City of Dublin Development Activity Webpage

If you were not able to make the presentation February 15th, please see the link to video and pdf presentation in our Community Meetings Tab.

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