Mid-Rise Homes at the South San Francisco PUC Site

What is planned for the project?

  • 800 Units of Housing 158 Units of our housing will be affordable for low and very low income households
  • An onsite childcare facility open to the public that supports 75-100 children
  • A 13,000 sf commercial space dubbed the Market Hall

What are the benefits to the public of the project?

  • 20% of our residential units are designated below market rent units
  • A percentage of childcare tuition will be subsidized to improve access to all
  • Below market commercial rents to support small local businesses in the Market Hall
  • Over 3 acres of publicly accessible parks, trails and outdoor improvements
  • Increased connectivity for the public through our site in order to access the Centennial Trail or pass through from Mission Road to El Camino
  • Improved Centennial Trail, with lighting, landscaping and pedestrian and bike connection improvements
  • Several public art installations
  • Over $19 million in impact fees paid to SSF City for improvements to parks, schools, public safety, sewer and other funds.
  • ~44% of the purchase price and portion of ongoing property taxes goes directly to SSF Unified School District
  • Building high density housing here helps City meet its state mandated housing production while preserving the existing neighborhoods surrounding the project.

How has the project evolved in response to community feedback?

  • Phased the development of Oak Avenue between Mission Road and El Camino Real. Those concerned about vehicular connections along Oak Ave impacting their quieter streets to the west will be pleased that the current first Phase of Oak Avenue will only connect to El Camino Real for bikes and pedestrians. Additional bike paths and landscaped walkways, plus an outdoor plaza and increased parking will be built in the first Phase rather than a full vehicular road.
  • Off street drop-off zones on Mission Road created for residents and childcare patrons so that drop-offs and pick-ups will not impede the 4 lanes of traffic on Mission Road
  • New pedestrian crosswalks on Mission Road added at Grand Avenue and mid block to make accessing the Project safer for nearby residents
  • Working with SSF staff to enact a program that prevents residents of the Project from parking in nearby neighborhood streets
  • Enacting a TDM to reduce car trips from residents. This includes adding bike share stations, providing subsidized BART passes, extending existing free shuttle routes to now stop near the Project, all to encourage our residents to utilize public transit or non-vehicular means to transit
  • Reduced height and footprint of our northernmost building, to 3-7 stories, as it is the closest to the Sunshine Garden neighborhood
  • Increased the percentage of our affordable units that are 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom (now over 50% of our affordable units are 2 or 3 bedroom units) to accommodate more families
  • Shifted pricing of our affordable units lower to provide more units for very low income families
  • Increased the permeability of our site, adding more ways the public can traverse our site between Mission Road, Centennial Trail and El Camino Real Added a children’s playground area behind our northernmost building that is open to the public
  • Added an outdoor fitness area along the Centennial Trail for the public
  • Improved the lighting along Centennial Trail for added security Utilizing a broad palette of native fog belt plant species for our landscaped public areas
  • Added setbacks above the 3rd floor for the two buildings on Mission Road, along with further deeper setbacks above the 5th or 6th floor, in order to reduce the massing on Mission Road and not create a wall effect.
  • Kept all of our proposed buildings below the Kaiser Hospital roofline elevation

What types of housing will be included in the project?

The Project has three residential buildings, with a total of 800 residential units, all of which are slated to be rental apartments. The sizes range from studios to 3-bedroom units, which help support a diverse range of housing options for young and old, individuals and families or roommates. 158 of these 800 units will be below market rent units for households with low to very low incomes. This further helps to make sure our Project is accessible to as broad a range of people as possible who want to live and work in SSF.

What is the timeline for the project?

Our Project timeline is currently being developed with SSF City staff. We hope to continue our positive work with the City and Community Members and move forward with delivery this much needed housing to SSF as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for further timeline updates as we progress with SSF.

How have the design elements changed?

  • We have recently revised the architectural designs of the west facing facades to be more warm and inviting and have a more residential feeling, similar to the east facing facades.
  • We have worked to add more taller and varied species of plants and trees to our project to further improve the natural aspects of our project.
  • We have modernized the exterior designs of our southernmost building to better interact with the new Civic Campus building just to the south.
  • We have added a large public art/mural opportunity to the Mission Road facing exterior of our southernmost building.

How will the addition of new homes impact schools in the community?