Mid-Rise Homes at the South San Francisco PUC Site

community review
Phase Community Review

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What’s in the Works

AGI-KASA was selected by the City of South San Francisco to spearhead a community engagement process regarding the designs of housing and mixed use developments on the 5.9 acre site along Mission Road, just north of the planned Community Civic Campus.

After months of conversations and workshops with the community, both in-person and online through the coUrbanize platform, the South San Francisco PUC Site Redevelopment has evolved significantly to better reflect the feedback we’ve received. 

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Based on community feedback, some significant changes to our plan include:

  • We reduced our massing and tiered our heights. All of our buildings are now mid-rise buildings, ranging from 35 feet to 85 feet tall.
  • We have setbacks at the 3rd floor and 5 or 6 floors all along Mission Road, pulling the height and density away from Mission Road and Sunshine Garden.
  • We shrunk the northern building’s footprint and height dramatically given that this building is the closest to Sunshine Gardens
  • We increased the size of our childcare facility to accommodate more kids, and we will seek state... Read more...