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Update #7

The Benefits of Senior Living via St. Charles Project

One of the key elements of our proposed health and wellness village is a Serenity Quarter, which would provide senior living options. Main Line Health has found that there is a growing need for senior care in the Lower Merion and surrounding communities - for instance, the number of people over the age of 65 in Main Line Health’s service area is expected to reach 300,000 by 2023. As the Baby Boomer generation (individuals born between 1946 to 1964) continues to age, these individuals are interested in aging in areas where they have meaningful relationships and are active members of society. 

To help service this growing need of seniors, approximately 220 units will be dedicated to a mix of stand-alone villas, independent, assisted living, and memory care living options that will be associated with the existing Upper Campus building located on the northwest side of the campus. These proposed residential spaces will be created with the intention of embedding the “wellness generation” in a culture of health, wellness, activity, and engagement. Main Line Health believes that as Baby Boomers grow older in Lower Merion Township, they will seek highly amenitized spaces that can accommodate different living needs and models.  

In addition to being situated in close proximity to the proposed Main Line Health services, the concept plan is designed with an aging population in mind with programming ranging from senior enrichment classes to memory gardens. Programming focused on intellectual stimulation will keep seniors engaged in the community, and plenty of open, green space promotes a health-conscious environment that reduces the risk of chronic, preventable diseases. Movement centers, personal trainers, and wellness initiatives, as well as delivering great quality of care and rehabilitation, will attract older community members. Main Line Health is also committed to creating opportunities for social interaction in these residential spaces -- crucial to the wellbeing of aging adults, who are at a higher risk for depression and social isolation.

With an increasing demand for senior living, our proposed health and wellness village would provide comprehensive, exceptional healthcare near both housing and services for Baby Boomers residing in Lower Merion Township. The creation of the proposed mixed-use buildings will help facilitate meaningful social interactions in the community, which, when combined with access to services, amenities, and open space, will allow older adults in Lower Merion to live and thrive in their beloved community for years to come. 

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