Stoneleigh - West 20th/ Lorain

community review
Phase Community Review
Parking 260 Space
Alt Transportation 39 Bike spaces & RTA
residential 240 Units

What's in the Works

Stoneleigh Company is transforming the vacant lot at W. 20th and Lorain into a vibrant new luxury apartment development. The proposed project will create 240 units in a transit-rich corridor with recreational amenities such as the Red Line Greenway, Cleveland RTA Station and the future Lorain Avenue Cycle Track.

What's There Now

The site is currently an abandoned lot at the top of a hillside leading down to the Cuyahoga River with great views of Downtown Cleveland.

What's Happening Next

The project team hosted a Virtual Open House on May 27th to discuss their project concept. They have filed to present that concept to the Downtown/ Flats Design Review Committee on June 18th. Please check the Timeline for upcoming events. We invite you to Subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Comments section.