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Thank you so much for visiting our website via coUrbanize and for your feedback on this project so far!

Please note that we are moving towards combining the activities for the Sunnydale HOPE SF revitalization project into one website! Yes, there are a lot more we are doing beyond Block 3! While this coUrbanize website will continue to exist, please visit to find future updates on Block 3 and our other current projects.

P.S. If you haven't yet, please watch our latest online presentation and forward it to your friends, family, and neighbors! The link is right below under Update #15.

Take a Look at Block 3's Latest Design!

Thank you for attending our meetings from June 2019 through February 2020 and for providing your input on our project website too! Our architects would like to know your thoughts on the concept design that they came up with based on ideas you and others have shared. Please click on one of the links below and take a look!





What do you think? Share your thoughts with us via the Feedback tab. Want to learn more about the project? Connect with us by going to the Request to Chat tab. Let's keep the conversation going!

Please note that this isn't the "final design". We're excited to continue collecting your thoughts, further refine the design, and come back to the community at least once more!

Update on New Recreation Center

Good news to share on a Friday!

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the San Francisco 2020 Health & Recovery Bond. Funds would go towards new parks, health and homelessness services, and infrastructure projects throughout the city. This includes funds for a new Herz Recreation Center, which will be constructed and located adjacent to Coffman Pool! The San Francisco 2020 Health & Recovery Bond will now be on the November ballot for everyone to vote. We all understand how important a community gym would be for the whole Visitacion Valley neighborhood, and today, we're one step closer to making that a reality!

Help Us Design the New Recreation Center!

While more information on Block 3 awaits (soon, we promise!), we wanted to share exciting news about the new recreation center that will be just across the street!

Join us for a virtual community workshop! SF Rec & Park, Mercy Housing, and Related CA are excited to share updated designs for the Herz Recreation Center Project (a community gym). Please join us to give your input!

11 AM to 12 PM on Saturday, July 18

Please RSVP (RSVP helpful but not required)

Join Zoom Meeting by using the link:

Meeting ID: 943 7813 5977 Or call in: 669.900.6833, 94378135977

For questions, contact Project Manager, Alexis Ward,

coUrbanize's New Request to Chat Function

While we cannot meet in person for a little while, you can always connect with us and get updates here on our Block 3 design project website. Further, today, we're introducing a new function. Please feel free to request a time to chat with us under the "Request to Chat" tab. We're here for you and will try to answer your questions around design, resident service, and more. Don't hesitate to connect!

Support Sunnydale and Visitacion Valley’s New Recreation Center

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will be voting on the San Francisco 2020 Health & Recovery Bond very soon. Funds would go towards new parks, health and homelessness services, and infrastructure projects throughout the city.

We want to ensure that the new Herz Gym and Recreation Center for the Sunnydale and Visitacion Valley neighborhood will be included. We have an exciting opportunity to tell our public leaders how important a new gym and recreation center would be for the community!

Here’s how you can help:

(1) Sign this letter of support. It’ll take 10 seconds!

(2) Forward the letter of support to friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your support and advocacy. In the next update, we will return with new information on the Block 3 affordable housing development. We’ve been busy updating the design based on all of the comments we’ve collected from the community. Stay tuned!

Link to Letter of Support:

A Message of Hope

We hope that this message finds you safe and healthy.

We recognize that it has been a heavy and emotional week for many of us. Equally heartbroken and outraged, we stand in solidarity with all those who demand justice and accountability. We mourn for the tragic loss of far too many African Americans murdered by institutional racism – George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, among others.

African American families comprise 40% of the Sunnydale HOPE SF community, in addition to a growing number of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and Latinos. It is among the few places within San Francisco with families of all types and with such strong cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity. With you and other community members, we look forward to continuing to make an impactful and long-term investment in this great neighborhood building upon its rich history.

Project Update Amid COVID-19

We hope everyone is safe and well. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has understandably prompted concerns and has led to many disruptions to employment, family life, and access to necessary resources. We wanted to reach out and ensure that you are aware of the resources that San Francisco is making available to all residents at this time. Please visit: for more information.

Previously, we discussed hosting another set of public meetings in March/April to provide a final update on the Block 3 building design. We were unable to schedule those due to the shelter-in-place order. At this time, we continue to evaluate other ways of engaging with you including setting up a virtual public meeting. We will provide updates here and will keep you posted. Thank you for your support and most importantly please stay safe and well!

Our public meeting presentations are now online!

We appreciate those of you who have been voicing your thoughts and ideas! In case you missed any of the public meetings so far, presentations (PDF) are now available online:

December 2019 Presentations

January 2020 Presentation

February 2020 Presentations

These documents are also at the bottom of the Block 3 home page.

Our team is busy at work incorporating your suggestions and will return mid-April to share design updates. Please stay tuned and we'll be sure to announce the next upcoming public meetings as soon as the dates are set. Thank you!

New Questions!

We love hearing from you! To keep the conversation going, we've added some new questions about grocery amenities and new businesses you'd be excited to see in Visitacion Valley.

Click through these new topics in our comments section and post your ideas to help us continually improve our project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks for joining us on Feb 11 & 12! What's Next?

Thank you so much for spending your Tuesday or Wednesday evening with us this week!! We really appreciate your feedback.

To recap, David Baker Architects (the building architect) presented their first design concept of the Block 3 mixed-use buildings that will be on the southwest corner of Sunnydale and Hahn Street. The concept was based on initial comments and thoughts shared from the previous meetings on Block 3. Notably, we have heard from many, many residents and neighbors about wanting the buildings to be warm and inviting.

Additionally, Interstice (the landscape architect) shared example projects they have worked on and asked for feedback on the pedestrian walkway and other open spaces that are contemplated in and around the building footprint.

What's next?! We will review all of the additional comments we received this week to adjust and refine Block 3. We look forward to presenting to you the next iteration in 4-8 weeks. We will announce the exact date of the next design meetings soon. Afterwards, our goal is to share our plans with the San Francisco Planning Department some time this spring/summer with construction to begin February 2022 (two years from now).

Thank you again for your continual engagement. We cannot do this work without you.

Let's continue the conversation!

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far! We’ve appreciated all your feedback and it’s helped us get a better understanding of the community’s interest in the project. To continue the dialogue, we’ve added some new questions about running or owning a business in Sunnydale's new retail hub as well as the types of foods that would attract you to spend more time there.

Click through these new topics in our comments section and post your ideas to help us continually improve our project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

02/11 & 02/12: Preliminary Conceptual Design Presentation

Block 3 Preliminary Conceptual Design Presentation

6:00pm on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 @ Sunnydale Community Room (1652 Sunnydale Ave) AND

6:30pm on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 @ Vis Valley Library (201 Leland Ave)

The developer Related California and its architect David Baker Architects will present the preliminary design of the Block 3 buildings. The presentation will be identical on both nights. We have been hearing a lot of great comments from the community, and our team is excited to help make a vibrant Sunnydale a reality!

P.S. Thank you for stopping by to chat with Related California at Mission Blue SF this morning and a special thank to Kelly, the local small business owner, for the invitation! Looking forward to the next Meet-the-Developer coffee hour soon!!

Friday, January 24: Meet the Developer Coffee Hour

8am to 9am on Friday, January 24, 2020 @ Mission Blue SF (44 Leland Ave)

We have appreciated hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas so far. Thank you for participating and sharing your input via this site and at our various in-person meetings!

We want to thank you by offering you a drink at the neighborhood's newest coffee shop, Mission Blue SF. The developer, Related California, will be around between 8 and 9am on Fri., January 24. First 60 neighbors to stop by and say hello will get a free hot drink on us!

Thanks for joining us on Dec 10 & 11!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the December 10th and 11th community design meetings! If you missed the events, don’t worry. You can still tell us what you think in the Comments section! Note that the questions will be refreshed from time to time, so please check back periodically.

To recap, during the meetings, we presented an overview of the Sunnydale HOPE SF master plan and more detail on the next upcoming development, "Block 3." It was great to see such a great turnout, especially Tuesday evening! We really appreciate the community's interest and feedback on Block 3's design.

We're going to spend the next few weeks compiling the information you've given us. Looking forward to our next community design meeting early next year!

Welcome to the Sunnydale Hope SF's project outreach site!

Thanks for visiting our new website! The purpose of this platform is to provide you with information on Block 3 of the Sunnydale development and to collect all your feedback.

Please make yourself at home! Poke around to see what your neighbors are discussing and be sure to comment with your own ideas. Also hit that ‘Subscribe’ button to stay in-the-loop on all project updates. 

Everything posted here is sent straight to us at Related California and Mercy Housing California. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!