Thank you! What's next?

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at the Sustainability Community Series. If you missed them, don't worry, you can still tell us what you think! And, check out some photos from the events on the Info page.

So what now? We are busy at work reviewing all the feedback you sent us to create the Sustainability Action Agenda. Stay tuned for more and keep checking back here for updates and great conversations on the Comments page.

Join Us! The Detroit Sustainability Community Series

We want YOU to work with us on creating a sustainable Detroit!

Feel like hanging out with your neighborhood peeps, getting some snacks, listening to some local performers and shaping the future of your neighborhood with us? Then we have just the thing for you! Come join us at our Sustainability Community Series this August to help shape Detroit's first Sustainability Action Agenda:

8/18 IBEW - Saturday, 10:30 am - 1 pm (1358 Abbott St, Detroit, MI 48226) --> Register Here!

8/21 Gesu School - Tuesday, 5:30 pm - 8 pm (17139 Oak Dr, Detroit, MI 48221) --> Register Here!

8/25 Don Bosco Hall Community Resource Center - Saturday, 10:30 am to 1 pm (19321 W Chicago, Detroit, MI 48228) --> Register Here!

8/28 Samaritan Center - 5:30 pm to 8 pm (5555 Conner St #2210, Detroit, MI 48213) --> Register Here!

Successful Close to Phase 1 of Engagement!

Thank you for all the insightful feedback you shared with us over the course of our first phase of engagement! Thanks to you we have accomplished so much:

  • Collected over 1,500 surveys from all across Detroit, allowing us to hear what matters most to you.
  • Joined you at over 100 existing events engaging with nearly 1,900 individuals and providing us insights into community priorities and the great ongoing efforts to make Detroit more sustainable.

See below for a glimpse at the survey results. Over the next month we will be reviewing what you told us to start drafting the Sustainability Action Agenda. In the meantime, keep the conversation going here on coUrbanize, look for more posted survey results, opportunities for input and feedback, and stay tuned for announcements of the dates for our town hall meetings!

Great Launch Event!

I was so excited to see how many people came out to see the Official launch of the Sustainability Action Agenda last Thursday at Stoepel Park No. 1. Thanks to all the Sustainability Ambassadors, Commissioners, and Allies who came out to support the launch. Special thanks to B.Anthony Holley, Tommy Obioha, Brad Dick, Khalil Ligon, and Scott Benson for speaking about the past and future of sustainability in the city of Detroit. What a great day!

Great coverage in the Detroit News and Crain’s Detroit Business too.

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