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Update #6

What's Happening this Month?

Over the next 3 weeks, the Sustainability team will be back out in the community sharing new draft materials and hearing from you. Look for us in the following ways!

  1. Sustainability Ambassadors: Your District Sustainability Ambassadors are making the rounds and continuing the conversations in your communities.
  2. Survey Signs: Look around your neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and other locations for survey signs that enable you to text your response to the team.
  3. Focus Groups: The team will be meeting with small groups of residents to take a deep dive into the new materials. These Focus Groups aim to reach groups of Detroiters who haven't been involved in this process yet.
  4. Practitioner Workshops: A group of non-profit, community, academic, and industry leaders will be meeting to give the team feedback on draft materials.
  5. New coUrbanize Content: Visit coUrbanize often to look for new questions on the comments and map page. We are looking forward to your feedback!