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Update #3

RBD/4 Corners Specific Plan Update - City Council mtg: November 18th (6pm)

At the upcoming Nov. 18th meeting, the City Council will be making a critical decision related to the future of the Ravenswood Business District/4 Corners area. We encourage everyone to attend this important meeting, where the City Council will be deciding which Development Scenario to continue to study for this area.

Harvest has participated in all the community and public meetings as part of the Specific Plan Update process. The purpose of the Specific Plan Update is to study the RBD’s true capacity and the associated impacts & benefits provided for any additional development. The City is ensuring that new developments’ design and benefits are cohesive and complementary through a set of design guidelines – creating a ‘complete’ neighborhood.

For more information about the RBD Specific Plan Update process currently underway, and important meeting links, please go to the City's website at:

Don't miss this opportunity to let your voice and opinion be heard by the City Council!