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Phase Community Review
affordable housing
open space
Open Space
residential 6 acres

What's in the Works

Thorndike Place proposes to construct a new 207-unit apartment building and 12 townhouse units, together with a preservation of approximately 11 acres of conserved land.  The new development will provide excellent access to public transportation and employment opportunities in Arlington and beyond. 

A key component of the Thorndike Place development is to provide needed affordable housing and to provide the community with assured protection of approximately 11 acres of land within a dense urban area. Open space and ecosystems are being protected or preserved as part of this initiative. The opportunity to protect that open space for public enjoyment and wildlife habitat would be permanently assured. 

What's There Now

The site is located on a 17.7-acre parcel of land, between Route 2/Concord Turnpike to the south and Burch Street and the Arlington Thorndike playing fields to the east.

The current site is presently undeveloped and overgrown, filled with illegal dumping activity and makeshift homeless camps. Much of the site is designated floodplain area, and owing to neglect and lack of maintenance, an embankment blocks the even distribution of water, thereby resulting in surface waters in significant rain events to flow onto adjacent neighborhood streets.

What's Happening Next

The project team has filed their Comprehensive Permit Application and the project is currently under review. Please check the Timeline for upcoming events. We invite you to Subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Comments section.