1. When did the fire start?

The fire broke out at approximately 2:00 pm E.T. on June 28th. 

2. What was the first response to the fire?

The City of Boston fire department was on the scene and fighting the fire within minutes of the initial 911 call. 

3. What caused the fire?

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. 

4. Was there anything that could have been done to prevent the fire?

This building complied with all city and state building and life safety codes and was constructed in accordance with national building standards and usual and customary construction means and methods. We will review our fire prevention protocols for projects in construction in the future once a cause has been determined. 


5. Since this building contains affordable housing, was it constructed in a different way to save money?

No. This is a mixed-income building and the construction methods and materials used for Treadmark are commonly used all over the city on all types of developments, including luxury, moderate and affordable housing. 

6. Is wood-framed construction safe?

Yes. Wood-framed "Type 3-A "construction is a nationally recognized building methodology and it meets all standards for building and life safety codes. Currently, hundreds of thousands of units of housing are being built across the country using this type of construction, including several thousand in the City of Boston. 

7. Was union labor involved in the construction of Treadmark?

Over 70 percent of the Treadmark project employed union labor, including carpenters, plumbers, roofers, laborers and sprinkler fitters. 

8. Has a construction fire ever happened at Trinity buildings?


9. Did the sprinklers fail or were they offline? Should they have been on?

They were offline which is usual and customary in the construction industry. The building was under construction and the sprinkler and life safety systems were installed and had passed all required rough City inspections. The final sprinkler inspection was scheduled for Thursday June 29th and, once completed, the system would have been energized following the full life safety inspection which was to take place on June 30th. The timing of this fire was tragic. 

10. What is the current state of the building?

The state of the building is being assessed by a range of city and state agencies and a range of experts. The building is currently under the control of the Inspectional Services Department. Trinity and its general contractor are doing everything that is requested of us to get the building returned to our possession so a full scope of work for reconstruction can be prepared and implemented.

11. Had the building been inspected before in terms of fire safety?

A final life safety inspection was set to take place on June 30th, after which the fire alarm and fire suppression system would have been activated. 

12. Was the load on the roof too heavy?

No. The roof system was designed to meet the loads of the roof top equipment. 

13. When will the reconstruction of Treadmark begin?

We are committed to rebuilding Treadmark, but we have not yet determined a timeline for when the reconstruction will begin or when units will he available for sale or lease. 


14. How are you working to mitigate the impact of the fire on the neighborhood?

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience and disruption that has resulted from the fire. We're working collaboratively with all city agencies and nearby businesses and property owners to address any lingering issues as quickly as possible. 


15. How will this affect people who were scheduled to move in?

The building is comprised of 51 rental units and 32 home-ownership units.

  • Of the 32 home-ownership units, there were 28 market-rate units under agreement. The remaining four condominiums met the requirements of the City of Boston's Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) (80-100% of Area Median Income). None of these IDP units had a P&S agreement signed.
  • There are 51 Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) rental units, affordable up to 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI). No leases had been signed. Twenty people have been approved for future residency.
  • There were no firm move-in dates for rentals or home-ownership. The building was scheduled to be occupied in mid-to-late July.
  • We are committed to making sure Treadmark gets rebuilt as quickly as possible and are working diligently to establish a plan for rebuilding. 

16. I had a P&S agreement for a unit at Treadmark. What do I do now?

Our hope is that all of our prospective buyers would stay with us as we rebuild; however, we will honor any request of a buyer to return their deposit and terminate their purchase and sale agreement. 

17. I participated in the affordable housing lottery and I was assigned a priority number. What happens now?

The lottery assignments will remain unchanged until the affordable housing units at Treadmark are available for occupancy.