Tremont Nail Factory Redevelopment

Wareham, MA
Exploring future uses for an historic mill complex.
Property Owner
7.2 acres
Short-Term Uses
A festival, an ice cream stand, a kayak shop… what temporary and semi-permanent uses for the site would you like to see?
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Lest all support ANY improvement that supports Wareham and it's people. This establishment supported many families for many years, I think we all as Warehamers(?) should do the same and pay back just a... Read more

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I agree whole heartedly. It is owned by the town and thus by the people so it is up to us to ensure this treasure is preserved. I think it would do us well to make it into something that would support... Read more

Supporting ideas that Support Wareham and its people is a great idea. That's not what has happened in the past. There is already talk of subsidizing the tenants that's done with tax dollars

It would be nice to know the total cost of services the town needs to provide and the total revenue​ the town will receive from the development as proposed before we endorse it

Thank you John for *nailing* a new phrase -- we’re grateful for the support of “Warehamers” like yourself! We’ve designed the planning process to be shaped by local residents. The feedback we collect in... Read more

Wilfred: like you, we also see the site functioning as a destination -- one that serves residents, supports existing tourism, and draws new visitors. As you mention, the nearby, heavily trafficked thoroughfares... Read more

G Michael, we definitely hear where you are coming from and hope to be able to provide a bit more transparency around costs and benefits moving forward. We’re working on an FAQ now (to be posted to this... Read more

Let us not forget to look towards other partners so that the full burden of this site is not on the town and the taxpayer.
I do not want the town to lease out the mill building as artists lofts as... Read more


Tremont Nail Factory

There is a good chance that the pickling building pollution is not the only site for contamination and they should be found before anything else is addressed.

The per capita income in Wareham is... Read more

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the best sorts of end uses for the property! As a site with an industrial history, contamination issues are top of mind for our planning team. We’re hoping to post an... Read more


Idea for a short-term use of the TNF site

It would be a great location for a farmers/artisan market. Check out what they did at Simpson Springs in Easton. I think that they have had a lot of success.

Idea for a short-term use of the TNF site

As a local artist I'd like to see Studio space become available

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It's intended to mean "Who is to pay for all this." Lots of wishes & wants. Very little input for ideas, plans or proposals to become self supportive and an asset for the town. Not another financial liability

My understanding is that this is the forum for wishes and wants. Not to say that Funding isn't an important issue, of course it is. But we need to hear what people want and then figure out what will work... Read more


Idea for a short-term use of the TNF site

Art Gallery and space for Art Classes for both children and adults. There is enough space for several concurrent uses. This is one which I think would work in conjunction with artist work space (as suggested... Read more

Idea for a short-term use of the TNF site

I have long wanted to work toward converting the Tremont Nail Factory buildings into a complex ( or just a building, if there are already other plans for some of the space) for Artists Studios. If the... Read more

Comment about the TNF redevelopment

When will you have the next public meeting?

Idea for a short-term use of the TNF site

I think its history as well as the vibrant, storied community of Wareham's could be honored by turning the factory into a metal - works museum focusing on everything from art/sculpture to the evolution... Read more

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Tomorrow's the big day, folks! Open House #2 at the Wareham Town Hall. We will be presenting our ideas and taking comments in preparation for the final report that we will be putting together in the... Read more

Idea for recognizing the site's history

I think its history as well as the vibrant, storied community of Wareham's can be honored best buy turning it into a metal-works museum with historical & contemporary art/sculpture as well as the evolution... Read more

Idea for a short-term use of the TNF site

In the short term, the factory could be used as a communal workspace. Entrepreneurs can pay a certain amount per day/week/month to have an "office space" out of which to operate (think Capespace in Hyannis).... Read more

Comment about the TNF redevelopment

Who is paying for it?

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That us a great question. I would hope the town would partner up with various entities to develop it in a public-private partnership that would allow the property to be in the town's hands but allow development... Read more

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