Tremont Nail Factory Redevelopment

Wareham, MA
Exploring future uses for an historic mill complex.
Property Owner
7.2 acres
  • Public Open House #2

    Starting at 7 PM in the Town Hall Auditorium, we will recap what we’ve presented so far, share what we’ve heard from local stakeholders, and present a draft of our Vision Plan for the Tremont Nail Factory site.

  • Vision Plan/ Recommendations

    Generate vision plan for the site based on preferred concept. Plan to include steps towards implementation.

  • Preliminary Concepts / Feasibility Analysis

    Study a range of options based on stakeholder and public input; review market, regulatory, and physical feasibility of options.

  • Public Open House #1 (Town Hall Auditorium)

    Project team will introduce the vision planning project and present preliminary findings.

  • Stakeholder Input

    Meet with local business owners, board members, and town officials to gather input.

  • Pre-Design

    Visit site and review overall objectives, opportunities, and constraints with project team.