community review
Community Benefits
Which of the following public benefits are you most excited about?

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Are there any local artists you can recommend we connect with as we plan the public art for this project?

We can bring art classes

Besides community group meetings, what ideas can you suggest for uses for the community space--eg: classes, exhibits, etc.

Both classes and exhibits.

What local community groups do you think might be interested in using the 3,000 square foot commmunity room?

multicultural events, non-profit usage, and possibly a venue rental.

I am part of a tutoring program that covers East Palo Alto and Menlo Park - ACT (America Council of Teachers, Inc.) We would be interested in using some space. How can we contact each other?

If the new building is approved, which we hope will be this year, it will be several years from now before it opens. There might be an opportunity for partnership in the short run too. Please visit Read more...

As you proceed with this project, I ask that you connect with the bay area’s indigenous communities as to honor their communities and contributions that benefit us current residents. I also ask that in... Read more...

A couple of thoughts on this project, as I have frequented University Circle over 5 times in the past year:<br>1. I really loved the Fiestas Patrias event! Was this organized by University Circle? Can... Read more...

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