• meetingCreated by Shastry from the Noun Project

    Draft Environmental Impact Report, public review period

    Check back here for a link when the document is published in late October. We will announce its publication and how to comment, and let you know when the Planning Commission will have a Study Session to take public comment.

  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Scoping Session

    Study Session with the EPA Planning Commission to gain community input and Planning Commission input on what should be includedin the EIR studies. http://eastpaloalto.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.aspx?ID=1049

  • Outreach to Community Groups

    Sent a letter to the community and directly contacted several community groups alerting them to the upcoming Scoping Session for the Environmental Impact Report and offering to meet via Zoom. Met with Westside neighbors.

  • Formal Project Application

    Submitted Formal Project Application to the City of East Palo Alto to add a fourth building to the University Circle campus. The file attached here is the most up to date version of the submittal.

    Project Application to City
  • City Council Study Session on on Pre-Application

    Study Session to provide input on the Pre-Application.

  • Crescent Park Neighborhood Association Outreach Meeting

    Met with neighbors from Palo Alto's Crescent Park neighborhood to present the proposed project and get input.

  • Planning Commission Study Session

    Study Session with the Planning Commission to provide early input on the proposed new building at University Circle.

  • Commmunity Meeting for EPA, nearby Menlo Park and Palo Alto neighbors

    Community Meeting at EPA City Hall so-hosted with City of EPA. Invitations and meeting materials provided in English and Spanish.

    Meeting Summary
    Invite, English/Spanish
  • Community Meeting Targeting EPA's Westside

    Direct mailed every residential and business address on the westside inviting them to a community meeting to learn about the proposed building and provide input on public benefits needed on the Westside. Invitations and meeting materials provided in English and Spanish.

    Meeting Summary
    Invitation in Spanish
    Invitation in English
  • University Circle Community Newsletter Launched

    Launched the University Circle Newsletter to update the community on activities at University Circle and the proposed project. Updated the community on 11/13/17, 6/11/18, 2/12/19, and letter to the community, 6/12/19.

  • Early Phase of Community Outreach

    Met with Westside neighbors and residential tenant groups. Began sustained involvement in the East Palo Alto community, hosting community events on-site and supporting local non-profits organizations focusing on education and job training.

  • Pre-Application to the City of East Palo Alto

    Submitted Pre-Application to the City of East Palo Alto to add a new building to the University Circle campus.

  • EPA General Plan/Westside Area Plan

    Project consistent with General Plan goals. Chapter 11, Westside Area Plan, references potential future expansion at University Circle. https://www.cityofepa.org/econdev/page/general-plan-2035-east-palo-alto