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Phase Community Review
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Virginia Village, located at Leesburg’s southern gateway, has long been home to some of the Town’s favorite businesses. But the buildings are approaching the end of their useful lives and it’s time to start considering redevelopment. There’s an opportunity to diversify the uses of the center to improve the community experience, boost the economic fabric of the Town, and promote connection to the historic downtown. We are reaching out to the community to understand your priorities as we enter the early planning stages for Virginia Village's future.


Virginia Village was originally owned, developed and operated by the Ours family starting in the 1950’s. It consists of about 140,000 SF of older retail strip buildings, office and banks served by surface parking. The entire property is 18.4 acres bounded by Catoctin Circle, Harrison St. and King St. It is adjacent to downtown Leesburg, but has aging buildings and a suburban development pattern that make it disconnected from the unique fabric of the Town’s historic core.

In 2013, the Town adopted the Crescent Design District (CDD) zoning ordinance with the intent to break from the prevailing suburban development pattern in Leesburg and encourage a mix of uses and forms complementing the historic downtown. Virginia Village is an important property within the CDD, and the Town of Leesburg requires that any prospective redevelopment must consider the goals of the CDD, which are stated below.

Crescent Design District Goals

1. Develop a fully integrated, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented environment with buildings that contain commercial, residential and office uses.

2. Create a synergy of uses within the Crescent Design District to support economic development and redevelopment in accordance with the recommendations of the Town Plan and the Crescent District Master... Read more...