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Housing affordability is a concern we hear about frequently in Westborough. Back in January, the Board of Selectmen hosted an Affordable Housing Forum that, for the first time, brought all stakeholders in housing affordability together to discuss the current state of affairs and to chart a path forward. The Forum reached consensus that a Municipal Affordable Housing Trust would help Westborough maintain and improve housing affordability. The Board of Selectmen subsequently crated the Affordable Housing Trust Working Group to:

  • Propose a Westborough Affordable Housing Trust at Fall Special Town Meeting, and
  • Educate and engage the community on the issue of housing affordability in support of these efforts.

This site intends to inform and engage the community on the issues around affordability and how an Affordable Housing Trust can benefit the Town.

What is an Affordable Housing Trust?

Municipal Affordable Housing Trusts are independent land trusts designed to create, maintain, and preserve affordable housing for the benefit of low and moderate income households. Overseen by a Board of Trustees, trusts may acquire, finance, build, manage, and lease property. Trusts may also borrow and lend money as tools for achieving its goals. (see our Read more...