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What other questions and suggestions do you have about this project?

As a tenant at Templin Bradley, with East facing windows, I’m curious as to if the new construction will block my sunlight? I know my view of the skyline will disappear, but what can I expect as far as... Read more...

Hi Felicia - Let's find some time to chat! We can share some specifics on what we're planning, and what that means for TB residents. Please reach out via the "Request a Chat" tab. Thanks!

What types of retail or specific businesses do you think would best serve this community?

Dining options mostly, especially dining options oriented toward plant-based foods as there is a relative lack of such options in Gordon Square

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Are there any local artists or arts organizations you think we should connect with about creating the art or the space?

78th St. Studios. The group that does the large public murals as well (cannot recall the name)

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Public art is being planned as part of this project. What types of art would you like to see? (i.e murals honoring the history of the area, etc.)

Historical murals. Local art. Generally fun and inviting artwork

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A public courtyard is planned as part of this project. What types of activities, events, and features would you like to see included?

Live music, food trucks

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