Phase Approved
Co-Working 6,700 SQ FT
retail 10,800 SQ FT
residential 122 Units

Who We Are

Bond Street is a Cleveland-based developer whose principals, Todd Leebow and Justin Strizzi, are Cleveland natives and residents. We are incredibly passionate about our City, and excited to introduce our vision for community-focused, people-centric development to Gordon Square. We look forward to continuing to engage with the neighborhood, as sincerely value your feedback!

What's in the Works

Bond Street is transforming an assemblage of lots along Detroit Avenue into an activated and energized mixed-use community development. The mid-rise Project will include retail, co-working office space, and 126 apartments situated around a central public courtyard, with a 97-space below-grade parking structure.

Bond Street is highly focused on creating an attractive, community-centric mix of uses on the street level, bringing residential density to Detroit Avenue, and filling in the "missing teeth" along Detroit Avenue created by the current surface parking lots and vacant building that sit on the site.

As a result of many conversations Bond Street has shared with local stakeholders, and civic entities, the mission for the development is to create a truly inclusive project that is a catalyst for the continued evolution of Gordon Square - and to design a building that fosters community growth, delivers a new and active street level, and introduces retail tenants that fulfill the unmet needs of the surrounding neighborhood.

The Project will include new exterior public space, and expansive sidewalks along Detroit Ave to encourage pedestrian traffic and public gathering. The central courtyard may be used for public events such as farmers markets and art walks.

What's There Now

The site is an assemblage of seven parcels - four along Detroit Ave and three fronting Tillman Ave. The three Tillman Ave parcels, and one of the Detroit Ave parcels, are currently private, underutilized... Read more...


Information & Plans