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The property at Washington and Swanton needs to be redeveloped in an attractive way so that it enhances one of Winchester's most important streets.

If anything they need to tear down what is there so it doesn't look like it's in a war zone.

Anything would be more attractive. Perhaps a mixed use with retail on the first floor. But it would be nice to move forward. Just having it closed with fences and signs indefinitely shouldn't be an... Read more

Thanks for your input Eric, it's great to hear what you envision for this lot. We support proactively readapting underutilized space!

Chuck, what would you like to see on this site? How do you picture the site being used to enhance the area?

How about an update on the CVS and who owns the land? If its CVS they will leave it looking like it does until they get what they want.

Thanks for sharing your concerns about the impacts that new development might have on traffic Cheryl

Chuck, we believe your question will be best answered by the town planning department. Thank you for your curiosity!

The irrational zoning boundary problem that led to loss of the CVS development needs to be corrected so that the development can go forward.

They should just bulldoze the complex and turn the corner into a garden and park with a playground or something. Rather than keep it sitting there. - Just whatever they put in , please no more HOUSING... Read more

Thanks for contributing your ideas, Jeff. Many Winchester residents have expressed a desire to preserve and expand open space and recreational opportunities in Winchester!

The Town needs more open space, no doubt. At least one more multi use playing field (soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, etc) is necessary. A dog park would be nice, Other amenities (not open space per se)... Read more

The "town" cannot afford to maintain what it already has - let alone support additional recreational facilities.

And even if the town could afford it, where would it find the open space?

Maybe some of the MULTI MILLIONAIRES who live in town could DONATE some money to the town to maintain things instead of expect all services to be free. while they make hundreds of millions

What I mean is if we're not going to develop the swanton street/washington street project. why not turn it into a neighborhood park for the neighborhood a small park with a playground would be better use... Read more

I would like to see the Town develop an Economc Development plan that encourages and promotes sensible commercial growth, like medical services or other businesses that leverage our strengths. So that... Read more

Thank you Michael, Tony, Richard, Jeff, and Carol for engaging in this conversation. Balancing these challenges is exactly what's at the heart of the Master Plan!


The Winchester Public Library is a great asset to the Town of Winchester.

Thanks for highlighting the library as one of the town's assets! What are some things that make it so great?

In many ways the public library and Jenks Center act as Winchester's community centers: serving many ages, many services, many events, large meeting rooms


The Town's highest needs IMHO are new Lynch and Muraco Elementary Schools. The field at Lynch is under utilized and is also not at its best and highest use at this time.

Thanks for your comment! Do you have a better use in mind for the site? What do you think would be a better use?


What makes Winchester "home" to you?

A lot of us connect with community here through the schools or through our kids' activities (the wonderful theatre program, soccer, dance, etc). But a community pool would be a great addition to town.... Read more

To echo Amanda's comment, the town is sorely lacking an indoor aquatics facility. A community pool would benefit all ages, offering everything from swim lessons to aqua-therapy. Many surrounding towns... Read more

In agreement that a town pool would serve ALL members of our community - across age groups. As the mom of a toddler, I would love to support a community pool that provides me a place to work out, my daughter... Read more

Thanks Allison and David for your sharing your interest seeing a community pool. Where is the nearest pool for the swim team and other residents to use? Is it the same pool?


Ridge street from St. E's to V-O is a very dangerous area for pedestrians. Cars travel at high speeds and the current sidewalks are narrow with little to no curb. Given that we have a church, a public... Read more

Thanks Monica for highlighting this traffic issue! Are there areas in town that you think work well for traffic flow currently?

Oops, I replied to the wrong opinion so here's a duplicate: And from the Arlington line to St. E's there are no sidewalks. High snowbanks means kids are walking to the school bus stop with cars coming... Read more

Thanks Joyce! These are important concerns about pedestrian safety - we're hearing similar concerns from many Winchester residents.

Joyce, I think you mean the literal Arlington boundary line. Safety is first, and I'd like to also point out that there is an Arlington bus line that comes to the edge of Winchester at the junction of... Read more

Thanks Ruth for highlighting this connectivity issue - glad to hear that you're already thinking about how different pieces work together as a system.


The change to limit parking to 1 hour has made it challenging to get things done downtown. 90 minutes would be a more appropriate time frame. It is very difficult for some services to be provided in... Read more

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What would make Winchester a better place to live, work, or play?

Beautify north Main Street! Has been on the list for 25 years and nothing has changed. Add curbs, trees, remove overhead wires put them behind the stores or underground, mark the lanes and add parking... Read more

I 100% agree. When you drive out of downtown and see the mess of wires in the air and how run down the street looks it’s amazing it’s in Winchester. The increase in property values will be well worth... Read more

Thanks for sharing these concerns and ideas for how to improve North Main Street! We've heard from many residents that this is a top priority.

More police stops and traffic enforcement needs to be taken on the Andreas Pizza corner by Swanton/Main. A lot of traffic does not stop before turning and I have seen people nearly hit by cars on this... Read more

Also the intersection at High St Extension and Ridge needs to be addressed by Wright-Locked farm. Perhaps a traffic circle placed here instead of the current configuration?

Thanks Jeff, traffic calming and management in addition to pedestrian safety is definitely a big concern in Winchester.


We need pedestrian-activated flashing signs at this Church Street-Waterfield intersection.

Church _ St Waterfield needs to be an Actual 3 way stop sign forcing traffic to stop . CUrrently the traffic just speeds through on Church making it hard for anyone crossing the street or trying to turn... Read more


I would like to see a robust plan to develop commercial revenue for the town. With increasing student enrollment every year for the last 10 years, more residential development with school age children... Read more

Remember Winchester COULD have had INDUSTRY but the townspeople decided to not allow a MAJOR HIGHWAY (ROUTE 3) to come through where Cambridge Street is today. Imagine how different the character of the... Read more

Heidi’s point is really important — our zoning should be created in the context of an economic development plan that will encourage and support local businesses that are innovative and make sense for our... Read more


The new bikepath behind the Jenks is awesome and offers a beautiful, quiet view.

Thanks Heather! Understanding what resources are valued in Winchester is a big part of Phase II of the Master Plan.


The 5 way intersection of Cross St., Holten St., East St., Lowell St. dangerous to cars and pedestrians. Daily, huge tractor trailers accessing industrial properties drive over school bus stop curbs... Read more

Yes, this is really a problem. And there are few places to cross the street safely. along Cross St..

Thank you for pointing out these safety and traffic management concerns at this intersection and along cross street. We've heard from many Winchester residents that improving traffic and safety is a high... Read more

More signage would be good as well. like pointing people toward Lexington, Woburn, Stoneham etc. so people aren't lost and driving crazily around the center trying to find the appropriate road. There's... Read more


Great location for a Transit-Oriented- Development..... Hope to see an RFP out early-mid next year.

the 2-story building wrapping the Church Street-Waterfield Street corner is pleasant and should not be torn down, in my opinion. Any new development should add incrementally (and at an appropriate scale)... Read more


While this site would require a paradigm shift for many residents, it would be perfect for a mixed use building that include affordable units. Close to schools, public transportation, supermarket, drug... Read more

A parking lot isn't a very attractive use for a major gateway into town. The ideal redevelopment would be a building that includes public parking, screened from the street, that also includes affordable... Read more

These are great ideas for this site! The site's prime location makes it somewhat of a gateway to downtown. We'd love to consider how to integrate affordability close to Town Center.

Why not an open air outdoor market area? and outdoor/indoor pedestrian space and area where food trucks could come and set up?

Are you talking about the Jenks Center or the parking lot? We need parking, so I’d be reluctant to lose it. I don’t know if there are restrictions on the Jenks, but if not, it would be an amazing location... Read more


I can't believe that no one has called our the Transfer Station as a huge community asset. This is part of our communities inner workings but, amazingly, part of our cultural fabric as well. We need... Read more

Thanks, Archie, for highlighting this town asset and potential sustainability initiative around the TS. We value Transfer Stations too!

Agreed. The TS does a great job not only of trash and recycling, but also maintains the swap shop, accepts food waste for composting and offers free finished compost to residents. Opportunities for improvement... Read more

Thanks Ruth! I love how you pointed out what's working well at the Transfer Station and what could be improved!

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