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We hear you! We want to be able to provide as many community benefits as we can, what would make this neighborhood even better?

Yes, keeping all those out of the community that don't want to help the community do better. the drugs, folks that do not want to work.

I am interested in applying for sec 8 apt for disabled /elderly . How to get an application. In sec 8 in another state but moving to NC as soonas I secure housing.

I'm in need of a 2 bedroom apt asap, because I stay in Lakeside and it's a mess, can't get stuff fix , and I'm ready too move, How do I get on the waiting list for housing

Hi Pamela, you can get on the Interest List now. Please call 336-338-7760 and leave your information on the voicemail. The first new buildings won't be done until the end of 2023, however.