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October, 2021

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Supported a comment by David V on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 1 month ago
David V
How to make this site arts and culture destination rather than just employment. Should come alive at night, as well as day. Year-round events, festivals, night life, music and multi-season events are key to full-year place to experience.
Supported a comment by mike gohl on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 1 month ago
mike gohl
I would also like to see this district be a world-leader in technology and sustainability. Quayside had that same spirit, the willing to go above and beyond to make a lasting impact for Toronto, but failed due to privacy concerns. East Harbour needs to be innovative and 'harbour' new and future-oriented modes of getting around, technologies and innovative entertainment.
Supported a comment by Mark McCarthy on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 1 month ago
Mark McCarthy
The pedestrian experience. This is a large part of what would make the area pleasant to be in. A functional and human-friendly neighbourhood would benefit from the following: - Ample public seating. - Ground-level retail (including patios where applicable). - Streets that are not solely car-oriented. - Parks/parkettes which can function as a space to rest & meet, not just the tiny unused "privately-owned public space" parks we see outside many new condo constructions. - Waste & recycling bins. - Sidewalks with the space for wheelchairs and for crowds on busy days. - Public restrooms - Bicycle parking
Supported a comment by Emilie Decouer on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 1 month ago
Emilie Decouer
As an artist, it is important that East Harbour priorities us and gives us opportunities here. Toronto has a chance to reclaim Canadian fashion. Essentially we have to leave in order to find work because fashion isn't something that is supported or even recognised in Canada as arts/culture industry. If retail and shopping is going to be an important part of East Harbour, please consider how local and Canadian designers can be endorsed and set the bar high when it comes to lifting up Toronto's art scene and cultural industries.
Supported a comment by Vera Kreuz on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 1 month ago
Vera Kreuz
Ensure there are new Shopping options that current retail streets do not offer. Think of this site as a mix, but there needs to be a uniqueness so that East Harbour isn't just a Yorkville 2.0 (think Kensington Market eclectics with vintage clothing, unique boutiques and culture). Harajuku in Tokyo is a good example because it caters to youth and is funky and unique. East Harbour should have an identity outside of what we are used to in most Toronto retail streets. It should appeal to all ages, not just a bland and repetitive Eaton centre style shopping district. East Harbour should showcase unique locally owned boutiques and create a culture where people will want to shop in places where they know and are proud of the fact it is one of a kind.
Supported a comment by Shana Sadler Albo on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 1 month ago
Shana Sadler Albo
Cultural and art/music activities