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July, 2018

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Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Diane Plastino Graves
No one knew Capitol Boulevard was going to be a significant spot, Mr. Safdie said last night? The early settlers congregated around it with their beautiful homes on Grove and Front and Broad, abutting Capitol Boulevard. The Statehouse gave prominence to our own grand boulevard on one end and the Depot on the other. And the historical museum, the art museum, and the cabin, reflecting our history in forestry, were put in the most acknowledged, important site in the City. The insensitive and unsympathetic nature of this man’s comments toward our community take my breath away. He, who demeans the heartfelt perspective of many, should not decide what goes on this beautiful site. I'd say this is a "failed search" for an architect and a building, and it should be started afresh. How about a mass-timbered building for the City of Trees? I know we are fast becoming the City of Steel, Concrete and Prefab, but let's not add to that dismay with a significant taxpayer-funded public building.
Supported a comment by E.B. Schofield on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
E.B. Schofield
Boise really cannot afford this, yet another $650,000 to relocate a piece of history, when the Public Safety Bond is 100% over budget, this library project will drive the Capital Fund into a negative position (as stated in the 2019 Annual Budget), City Staff personnel costs rise every year, and areas of the City lack equal tax supported municipal services.
Supported a comment by Theresa M on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Theresa M
It is too big. Do NOT move The Cabin. That is an important and living part of the City’s history and fabric.
Supported a comment by Mary Wallace Dragone on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Mary Wallace Dragone
It is just too big....it seems cost prohibitive to maintain....how much will maintenance cost on a building that size? I read the original study from 2014 and the original cost was 45 million....now it is 85mil....how high will it go? We have performance space in Boise ...there are already public meeting rooms in the library and I am probably not going to be thrilled to use the automated retrieval system, aesthetically unpleasing to me, but I am a book person.....
Supported a comment by Kathy Kustra on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Kathy Kustra
I'm greatly disappointed you didn't figure out a way to incorporate The Cabin in its original location into this design or campus. This new building should not forget our history.
Supported a comment by bonnie zimmerman on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
bonnie zimmerman
How many of the in favor of boise spending millions of dollars to highlight boise downtown will ever go to the new library. I live downtown boise. I will go to the library a couple of times a month. My friends and family do not like to come downtown and pay for parking. People from out of town may visit once. We have a library, a history museum, an art gallery, and many locations for conferences. Boise is already a beautiful place, we don’t need someone else’s idea of what we need and what they think is glamorous.we definitely don’t need multiple years of construction ruining the best part of boise, the green belt. What will it look like in a couple of years when we run out of money. It is already too expensive to live in boise,