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Supported a comment by Don Spiro on Innovation QNS 1 year, 8 months ago
Don Spiro
For those of us who already live here an remember dealing with prepandemic crowded subways during rush hour, sometimes waiting while a few pass before we can get on one; Not all new residents will work in the neighborhood, and many will commute for other reasons, so it seems that so much housing will overwhelm the public transportation. Will you be working with the MTA on increasing bus lines or doing anything else to take the pressure of the already crowded system?
Supported a comment by Deb V on Innovation QNS 1 year, 8 months ago
Deb V
Why not focus on revitalizing the Steinway Street retail strip that is already there rather than adding more retail stores. This project doesn’t make sense. There are vacant storefronts on Steinway St. How tall are the proposed buildings? Two or three stories fit in the area not mega towers. Put in a park not a Disney field. Why is a rep from Queens County Farm commenting on then project. That institution is not in our neighborhood. As far as the Frank Sinatra School- that building blocks a lot is sunshine from the street. Not in favor of this project
Commented on Innovation QNS 2 years ago
What is the timeline for this project?
Supported a comment by Tara G on Innovation QNS 2 years ago
Tara G
This is too much to ask. Unfortunately there are tradeoffs to be made with every project. And what's here is a great win for the community.
Commented on Innovation QNS 2 years ago
Commented on Innovation QNS 2 years ago
Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, fashion, stationary, home. All mom and pop shops - no chains!