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Supported a comment by Paul Shaffer on Main Library Campus 3 years, 8 months ago
Paul Shaffer
Many public libraries carry Kanopy, but limit the patrons to maybe 6-10 videos per month since Kanopy charges per video watched -- I couldn't find the rate. The videos are outstanding, and many of the older classics are hard to find. 'Man in the White Suit', 'Lacomb Lucien', 'Red', 'White', 'Blue', all the Kreslowski, Jarmusch, and on and on. And not usually found in the Boise library. I asked the Boise library about getting Kanopy and they more or less told me they tried it and 'couldn't keep up with demand'. Consulting my weasel word dictionary/phrasebook I find this means they were too cheap to pay for it. Well lots of demand means people want it. What's the problem? But they have already spent $11 million on an architect for the new library. The thing is too big and fancy and will cost upwards of what? 50 million, 100 million? I have seen these taj mahal libraries in Seattle and other places and they are just full of windows and a lot of air. I'd rather have them just add on to the the existing building for a couple million, and get the services up to a better standard.
Commented on Main Library Campus 3 years, 9 months ago
The CABIN should remain in place. Save money on a move and keep history where it happened. The CABIN is central to a rich history of Boise including the Boise River Ferry, Oregon Trail Memorial Bridge commemorating where pioneers forded the river, Ninth St. Bridge and Bandshell. The Cabin's story and CCC history should remain where it is on Capitol Boulevard and the Boise River.
Commented on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Why did the mayor and council sign a long term 45-year lease with Rocky Mountain Development (sub lease to Biomart) on the adjacent city property purchased in 2002 for 1.5 million for library expansion? This 1.3-acre site was selected by CCDC in 2004 as a location for a parking garage. Then in 2011, without the support of the Library Board, the city undertook a long-term lease that locks up the site for 60 years with options. Imagine if the architect had this city land in play there would have been room to keep the CABIN in place and create city owned parking to serve the public.
Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Diane Plastino Graves
Have permanent parking next to our beautiful Anne Frank Memorial does not sound like an aesthetically appropriate location. And what about this Biomark Building. Isn't that on City property? Why was it leased long term when the library scheme has been in the works for so long?
Supported a comment by Paula Benson on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Paula Benson
Is it true that you won't be able to "browse" books? All the books are mechanically brought out to you only upon request? I've heard this but it seems contrary to the whole point of the library which is to roam among books, look for and discover new books and resources, and enjoying the process as well as the reading. Will all our looking be done online?
Supported a comment by Kay Hummel on Main Library Campus 3 years, 10 months ago
Kay Hummel
Please redesign the site plan with more simplicity to meet customers’ true needs. Substantially downsize the northern entrance plaza along River Street and move the building north. A smaller plaza would allow retention of The Cabin, which plays a vital role in the cultural district. The proposed 20,000 sq.ft. outdoor plaza is not useable at least 7 months of the year, whereas other Library functions are needed year-round. There is adequate green space with the 2 rooftop outdoor gardens and other open space indicated on the west side. While the design is initially exciting, I urge reconsideration of truly necessary library functions vs. some community “priorities” listed. For example, a “connection with the River” does not merit top priority when there is abundant access to the Boise River at many nearby locations. Our Library’s two highest functions are library services and space for the Arts and History Dept. Focus on these functions, and proper design will follow. Likewise, I am unclear on the necessity for ‘maker spaces.’ Given the under utilization of Jump’s maker spaces, this is a head scratcher. Adequate parking and auditorium space are the next highest functions that must be designed for, again more vital year-round than a cement-clad plaza (which also will be too hot in two summer months, essentially a baking, reflecting desert). Citizens are not excited about paying for more outdoor gathering spaces when the Downtown core provides ample outdoor sites nearby – Julia Davis, Ann Morrison, the Grove Plaza, and Jump.