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January, 2021

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Support for our businesses & cultural institutions
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Housing will. BE affordable after this unfortunate year. For some time after the city opens back up as well. What we need now is not long term goals, but to OPEN THE CITY BACK UP. Small biz in Astoria has suffered needlessly under the guidelines of DeBlasio. And it’s not been helped at all by the Instagrammical Ideological rantings of Ocasio Cortez who is only using this district as a stepping stone; little else. Clean up and revitalize Steinway Street—start with lessening restrictions. Give tax breaks/ huge incentives to SMALL businesses and only limited incentives to large corporations. Small business is the back bone of this neighborhood. Was long before the large chains moved in. Small biz also supplies more satisfying jobs and community. Affordable housing? We are bracketed by projects, have been since forever. Let’s try cleaning up the heroin problem in the area. The nearby half way houses have not helped this. DeBlasio needs to forego his ‘non bail’ idiocy and get tougher on THAT sort of crime. Start with small solutions first; then let’s start saving for long term neighborhood development. I’m THIS close to starting a volunteer clean up crew for all the random plastic/garbage/rubbish that is incessantly blowing through our streets. How about funding for that?