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October, 2020

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Hey Michael, do you realize that this project is just going to replace a bunch of under utilized warehouse space and replace it with hundreds of affordable apartments? I doubt it will adversely affect the rent of any existing tenants and might actually reduce some existing rents in older buildings due to the influx of thousands of new apartments. Seems like a win-win.
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Lacey Gibbs
Hi everyone, I'm Lacey and im a black woman business owner with a first class cleaning company. I live in Queensbridge and this project will change my life and the lives of my workers. #queensbrigebusines
Supported a comment by Jeremy Welsh-Loveman on Innovation QNS 4 months ago
Jeremy Welsh-Loveman
Than change the scale of the neighborhood. This location is a 20 minute subway ride from one of the largest central business districts in the world, it should be much denser with more housing and office space.
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Steinway Street used to be a shopping destination but isn't anymore. Injecting new retail, especially in the part of Steinway that currently has almost zero retail might make all of Steinway a shopping destination again. Since the south part of Steinway has easier access to subways, more people will be coming by mass transit and after they arrive and shop they'll be looking for places to eat throughout the neighborhood.
Seems like a big win to me.