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February, 2021

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Commented on Leefort Terrace 2 months ago
Given the surprise change to Beacon's proposal which was presented last evening at the Conservation Commission meeting, it would be in the interest of transparency to share it on this website with neighbors and other interested parties. Actions speak louder than words.
Supported a comment by Sallie Cass on Leefort Terrace 2 months, 1 week ago
Sallie Cass
You seem to be ignoring the comments of the majority of the responders who feel the size and appearance of the buildings are wrong for its location in a residential neighborhood
Supported a comment by Barbara Kelley on Leefort Terrace 5 months ago
Barbara Kelley
Shannon, the way to keep residents safe from impending sea rises, higher tides and flooding is to NOT build on this site. Several years down the road when the site floods and is unlivable, where will the residents go? That is where any building should take place, not in a flood plain.
Supported a comment by Thomas Cote on Leefort Terrace 5 months ago
Thomas Cote
If you stood on the street/ground next to the building and measured, it would be over 5 stories, that the bottom line. The giant powerplant has been there since the early 50's and it is a privately owned property unlike this site, where the neighbors should have more say on what goes there. P.S. I live down the street and I have no security either, someone could break my window and climb right in my house too!! This design is not wanted by the neighbors. We are the ones who pay property taxes to live in this neighborhood and we should not be so impacted by something that we, the majority clearly do not want. I have said this time and time again, this property should be designed for a total of 100 units, no more than 2 stories, and be for senior, disabled, and veterans housing only.
Supported a comment by Jay Ray on Leefort Terrace 5 months ago
Jay Ray
Why did all comments become private? Another example of this project getting rammed through
Supported a comment by Thomas Cote on Leefort Terrace 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Thomas Cote
I agree everyone regardless of status should be guaranteed quality of life. I used to deliver the newspaper to the residents there as a child, (40 years ago) not much has changed. I am very familiar with the buildings and I am in favor of a complete rebuild and design change, however I am also in favor of making the entire site for seniors, disabled and veterans only. In my opinion I think they could design for approximately 80-90 new units, in a two story building with plenty of parking and open green spaces. The latest renderings show a white concrete smooth type of finish on the exterior of two 5-plus story buildings, not shingles or clapboards like the condos. That is NOT acceptable in this neighborhood. The SHA and the city's current administration is trying to alleviate Salem's housing crisis by piggy backing on your site. I agree Salem does need more affordable housing but they should not be taking advantage of your/our senior site and reducing your quality of life and the surrounding neighbors quality of life. Again a middle ground can and should be reached for this design and usage.