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Supported a comment by GERRY BROWN on Engage East Harbour 1 week, 2 days ago
1. Are there any changes to the previous Street Network plan. One key part of that plan was to have some of the smaller streets be vehicle-free. Does your reference to "pedestrian-accessible open spaces" include these? There don't seem to be any cycling spaces on Streets A-D. How will you design these streets with a Vision Zero lens and safe spaces for all users? 2. With regards to the Transit Hub does Metrolinx have any estimates of future traffic, especially with regards to the idea of the hub operating as a "Union Station to the East". 3. Is there a plan to encourage transit use prior to the completion of the Ontario Line and the Broadview Streetcar extension or is the development only proceeding after those projects are in place. 4. One of the rationales offered for keeping the Soap Factory in place was the amount of material (eg. concrete and steel) that would be re-used. Do you have any plan to account for the increased GHG emissions that will be generated by building fully new buildings? 5. The Toronto Green Standards Checklist indicates the buildings will meet Tier 1. I didn't see any plan to achieve higher environmental standards beyond the minimum Toronto require, such as LEED? I'm hoping I missed that; if not, that would be very disappointing. 6. Is the only addition affordable housing your $5M contribution to offsite housing?
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How it integrates with existing neighbourhood
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Built Form & Sustainability
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Architecturally please include red brick is as many as the buildings as possible and not just the feature building. Also not just square everywhere, triagle peaks, detail to the brick work. I love the industrial look you are going for on the street level but be sure to stay away from concrete industrial (grey) and stick to red brick the the community was founded on.