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Supported a comment by Scott K. on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Scott K.
First of all, we are not Salt Lake City, nor should we try to be. There is a lot of wasted space and a lot of concrete in the proposed designs. I'm not sure I would travel by foot, car or bike to a building that doesn't fit in well with its surrounding environment and seems to wall itself off from what makes Boise so nice - 8th street, the river, and views of the Statehouse, Depot, and Foothills.
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Commented on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
The huge set of steps is too foreboding and not welcoming! There needs to be ground level entry near any parking options. That's a lot of steps to walk up with children, and the ramp looks too long and tiring for anyone with ambulatory issues. If parking is off-site, there needs to be a public entrance at every side of the building. You cannot expect people to walk long distances in inclement weather to enter their public library. Any steps need to be clear of ice and snow Will geothermal heat or recirculated warm air be used to melt snow on stairs and walkways? Has underground parking been considered? Proximity to the river may make that impractical because of the water table. A public library us for the people to use and needs to be welcoming and easily accessible.