November, 2020

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Commented on Karam Senior Living 5 months ago
that's what a rendering does
.shows space is to b used apartment library, fitness etc.
Supported a comment by K Dorsey on Karam Senior Living 5 months ago
K Dorsey
Design the building to be resilient and have robust internet and connectivity.
Supported a comment by K Dorsey on Karam Senior Living 5 months ago
K Dorsey
Yes I have. Edgewater, theater, restaurants, easy access to Lake Erie, and good community spirit.
Supported a comment by James R on Karam Senior Living 5 months ago
James R
Has anyone considered a common vertical gardening space for growing food?
Supported a comment by Ben H on Karam Senior Living 5 months ago
Ben H
The design is very nice overall. If possible, I'd love to see a green roof atop the one-story part. That would improve the view for residents as well. It would also be nice for the architect to design a distinct matching bus shelter. Residents (seniors, rent controlled) would use it daily. There's precedent just down the street at 65th and Detroit, although learn from their mistakes and don't put holes in the roof. But the street-level for this project looks inviting and it has the potential to revitalize this section of Detroit Ave, and a matching shelter would complete the look.
Supported a comment by Edwin Luciano on Karam Senior Living 5 months ago
Edwin Luciano
Affordability and reasonable rent are two different topics affordability is having enough discretionary funds after paying the rent/utilities/groceries etc. You also have to keep in mind that some senior citizens may have a car they have to not only put gas on a weekly basis but put money aside for any unexpected repairs but on the other side you also have senior citizens that catch the bus so they got to have enough bus fare or to buy a monthly bus pass which right now it's in excess of $100. So a reasonable monthly rent should be considered when discussions of rent are initiated. senior citizens are always living on a tight budget and they're stretching things out so we have to be cognizant of them and that they will be able to maintain that apartment without any stress, fear or worries that the rent's going to get behind or they're going to get evicted.