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Commented on Cool Spring 2 years ago
Supported a comment by Jim Baker on Cool Spring 2 years ago
Jim Baker
Both. At this location, there is a need for commercial (, pharmacy, grocery, etc.) and these uses can be supported by the residential community located on the property along with the surrounding community in the Cool Spring area. In addition, I would anticipate the commercial portion of the project to be utilized by the visitors and staff of the neighboring future Bayhealth medical facility. Having a commercial aspect to the project will help service the bike / foot traffic for the neighboring bike trail. Keeping the commercial portion along with the residential makes the community walk able and will ultimately help mitigate traffic on neighboring roadways. . Finally, the mixed use property containing a new Sussex YMCA facility is a must! This is a much needed facility for the Sussex County area and locating the new facility with easier access and more centrally located then it's current location will help serve the entire county.
Supported a comment by Jim Baker on Cool Spring 2 years ago
Jim Baker
Open spaces within communities should serve multiple purposes including encouraging outdoor community gatherings, encourage visitors to utilize open spaces, encourage outdoor activities, and to help preserve and protect environmentally sensitive areas. These could include lawn gathering areas for the community and visitors to utilize for community events, activity fields that could be utilized for youth and adult activities, and community garden areas that provide opportunities for residents to congregate and socialize. Additionally, I've seen municipalities and communities create rain gardens and walkways within storm water retention systems that help protect the environmentally sensitive areas along with creating usable park space.
Supported a comment by Ginny C on Cool Spring 2 years ago
Ginny C
A place for small arts and crafts shows. Small concerts. Stand-up comedy shows.
Supported a comment by Jim Baker on Cool Spring 2 years ago
Jim Baker
From the perspective of someone that isn't a resident in the community, having activities / events that encourage and engage outside visitors would be a large draw to visiting the community. Additionally, having the commercial aspect to the community along with the inclusion of the neighboring bike path will help provide visitors opportunities to enjoy the community.
Supported a comment by Jenn J on Cool Spring 2 years ago
Jenn J
I love the idea of a larger more accessible YMCA.